Research Collaboration

What is research collaboration program?

In accordance with BRC-INBIO's commitment to advancing bioinformatics research in Indonesia, we would like to open collaboration with institutions in Indonesia and abroad. We believe that the acceleration of innovation will not be realized without collaboration. Therefore, we would like to invite researchers from various backgrounds to collaborate with us, be it in the form of journal publications, scientific competitions, research grant applications, MBKM internships, etc.

What should you prepare to ask for research collaboration?

  1. Please prepare letter for collaboration. You can download the example in the link below.
  2. If possible, please provide proposal or PPT that contains overview of the project. You can also write down what kind of facility / service that you need from BRC-INBIO.
  3. Feel free to ask us by WhatsApp (+62 856-0463-0468) if you are still confused about the program

Download documents for MKBM Internship
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