The Bioinformatics Research Center (BRC) is a bioinformatics study and research center established in 2022 under the auspices of the Yayasan Nusantara Sains dan Teknologi (NUSCIENTECH) (Number: AHU- 0004030.AH.01.12, 2018) and supported by the INBIO Institute (Indonesian Institute of Bioinformatics) official institution under the company Global Science, No.03/CV/I/2017-NPWP: 80.904.185.8.654.000. The purpose of establishing BRC-INBIO is as a forum for Indonesian researchers to be productive in conducting research and accelerating innovation in Indonesia. In accordance with INBIO's motto, "Research Made Easy", we want to make it easier for Indonesian researchers to collaborate with each other. We are also ready to cooperate with other institutions / agencies in realizing a better research in Indonesia.


    International Professor
  1. Prof. Widodo, PhD.Med.Sc (Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Muhaimin Rifaiā€™I (Indonesia)
  3. Prof. Masaki Kita (Jepang)
  4. Prof. Atsunori Oshima (Jepang)
  5. Prof. Wolfgang Nellen (Jerman)
  6. Head of BRC-INBIO
  7. Anissa Nofita Sari, PhD
  8. Secretary of BRC-INBIO
  9. Indira Prakoso, S. Biotek
  10. Coordinator of Research Grand
  11. Eka Gunarti Ningsih, S.Pd., M.Si
  12. Coordinator of Education and Training
  13. Rezekinta Sembiring, S.P
  14. Coordinator of Internship Program
  15. Wirdatun Nafisah, S.Si., M.Si., Dr. (Cand)


    Division of Natural Product & Drug Discovery
  1. Didik H. Utomo, PhD
  2. Nira Meirita Wijayanti, S.Si., M.Si.
  3. Division of Biogenome
  4. Rahadian Pratama, PhD
  5. Division of Diagnostic
  6. Muhammad Yusuf, PhD
  7. Division of Biomedical
  8. Irwina Eka Deraya, S.Si., M.Biomed
  9. Division of Computational Biology
  10. Wisnu Ananta, PhD
  11. Division of Food Science
  12. Annisa Krama, PhD
  13. Division of Environment & Agriculture
  14. Dr. Feri E. Hermanto, M. Si


Perum Sarimadu II B3 No.09 Pakisaji, Kab. Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 65162

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