Regular Internship

What are the benefits of the internship at BRC-INBIO?

  • For those of you who have a passion in the field of bioinformatics, an internship at BRC-INBIO will give you the opportunity to connect with bioinformatics researchers from various fields of expertise.
  • You will be guided by expert researchers from Indonesia or overseas.
  • You can propose your own research idea and we will guide you until you can publish a journal and present your research at scientific conferences.
  • Not only doing research, you will also learn soft skills such as public speaking, leadership, team-work, etc.
  • There is an opportunity to become a research assistant and produce books with other interns or researchers.

What are the requirements for registering for a regular internship?

  1. Is an active S1 student at least semester 6.
  2. The topic submitted is not a thesis/PKL/lecturer project topic.
  3. Has received approval from the campus supervising lecturer as evidenced by the approval form (template can be downloaded below).
  4. Committed to completing research within 3-6 months. and completing the tasks given by the supervisor.
  5. Willing to do other activities besides research to learn soft skills and achieve the target of scientific publications and conferences as an internship output.

Download documents for MKBM Internship
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